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Catering Trailers - A fine way into business.

Catering Trailers are my Passion!

Have you considered this way into business? Many people are forced into looking for a business to start or buy because of unemployment. Others do so out of frustration with their prospects at a current employer

For some they just want to know whether they can make it alone!

Those who lack confidence or experience of running a business often seek franchises to buy because they think they are lower risk – only to discover they may not be

The low risk can be an illusion. It is a surprise to many people that substantial research shows that the risk of failure on average is even greater in franchising than starting out alone.

Franchises really are not nearly as safe as the industry tries to say they are. For a new starter in any but the old established and often high price franchises, the risk is not only higher – it can be higher than starting your own business completely from cold

Franchise industry marketing is very misleading, so go in with your eyes open. More of the truth about franchises can be found here. buying a franchise

The risk is not the only problem – there is generally takes a very long time to recoup your franchise fees, and despite the industry rhetoric you are still not working for yourself. There are many franchise rules that restrict the very freedoms you expect as a benefit of owning your own business. So if franchising does not appeal – what else can you do?

Internet marketing is seen as a good business. But some do not want to work with computers and enjoy contact with real people, so internet marketing is a problem for them. It is often not as fast to start as some internet marketing courses try to make you believe.

So for those who dislike technology, and don’t want to climb on the franchise bandwagon what is left for them?

Basic business reduced to the essentials is buying and selling goods or services. That leads many to think of retail shops - But high street retail is not as easy as it looks. Commercial leases can be extremely difficult to leave without bankruptcy if the business is not working, and many commercial landlords are very picky about who they will allow into the premises in the first place. Location is everything and often there are few good locations available. It can also get expensive to start, with cost of stock, staff and premises costs can be very high indeed .So return on the investment can be very long in coming.


So what are the other choices? Most people would identify the following key factors as important:

  • Immediate cash income.
  • No debtor payments.
  • Low start up cost and overheads.
  • Relatively low risk business model.
  • Low experience needed.
  • You are your own boss and can choose when and where you work.
  • Flexibility and easy to get out if it does not go to plan.
One business that fits all of the above requirements so is well worth considering is Catering trailers or Mobile Catering generally.

Now, you can’t just go out and buy a trailer , pull over on the kerbside and trade. There are rules and licences to consider first and many other factors. But as a general route into business. mobile catering trailers make a lot of sense as a choice. If you are looking for a business, so go and check it out!!