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Mobile Catering

A Look At Mobile Catering

If you have ever deposited money into a vending machine then you can consider yourself a customer of a mobile catering company. However mobile catering extends far beyond vending machines. Food and drink provided by mobile caterers can be seen in a multitude of environments, from major cities to movie lots to the workplace. It is an enterprise whose mission is to provide sustenance away from the home with an emphasis on convenience and speed.

City streets are typically fraught with street vendors and their carts offering a variety of food. It is not unusual to see dozens of vendors in New York City hawking their hot dogs, just as it would not be surprising to see in Philadelphia many carts stocked with soft pretzels. Usually these food and drink vendors are licensed by the city to ensure standards of food quality and cleanliness, as well as preventing too many carts on a particular block.

It can be safely stated that variety is the slogan of a city's food cart. Hot dogs and pretzels are but just two favorites. One can purchase tacos or burritos, ice cream and frozen confections, bagels and doughnuts, and of course piping hot coffee.

Anyone who has gone to a state fair can thoroughly relate to the mobile kind of catering. Fairs and carnivals are heavily populated with vendors hawking their food and drink wares. The choices for the hungry individual can be almost overwhelming. Here you can find food from the traditional to the utterly esoteric. Nearly everyone is familiar with corn dogs, French fries and elephant ears, but if you attend a fair in Alaska you may just run into reindeer pizza!

Mobile catering does not require a food cart. Those men and women yelling "Get your ice cold beer here." at baseball games and other sporting events are also mobile caterers. They wear strap-on contraptions that hold your popcorn, hot dogs and favorite beverages.

Another delivery system for such catering arefood or mobile catering trailers . Often these can be spotted in the parking lots of companies early in the morning, during breaks, and at lunchtime. They have the flexibility of preparing food on the fly. Often they are equipped with deep fryers, grills and other cooking equipment.

The world of mobile catering is as vast as it is varied. Examples abound in our day to day life. The ice cream truck, the Girl Scout selling cookies, and the gumball machine are yet more examples of prepared food offered outside the home and restaurant.